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WATCH: D’Angelo Russell Gets Ignored Again, High Fives Himself

Multiple Sources Twitter

Multiple Sources Twitter

While everyone was watching football and/or the debate, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets 124-115 in some thrilling NBA preseason action. D’Angelo Russell lead all scorers with 33 points on 13-19 shooting from the floor, but he had one costly miss that made him the biggest loser of the night. Watch him go in for a high five and get blatantly ignored by his teammates.

I guess time doesn’t heal all wounds, as Russell was looking like Bobby Boucher out there.

It appears that Russell’s Laker teammates are still upset at him for secretly recording Nick Young talking about cheating on Iggy Azalea. I sure as hell can’t blame them. That was one of the dirtiest, rottenest, scumbagest moves I’ve ever seen.

This wasn’t the first time his fellow teammates have ignored him either. Here’s another hilarious freeze-out from last year.

The Lakers will most likely be godawful again this season, but at least it looks like they’ll be an entertaining mess. If you’re going to play horrid basketball, you might as well be a dysfunctional train wreck while you’re at it. That’s Basketball Marketing 101.

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