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A North Carolina Hotel Found A Possible Murder Confession On The Back Of A Portrait On The Wall



Somebody call up Netflix because we just found the sequel to Making A Murderer.

While renovating a hotel, a contractor in Raleigh, North Carolina found this bizarre note hanging in a portrait on the wall. Found in a king suite on the seventh floor, the note talks about crimes committed against women from 2008 and 2010. The alleged killer goes in-depth about gagging and sodomizing women before he would “set them free from this world.”



This is the full transcript of the letter and I warn you, it can be hard to read. It gave me chills while reading it.

“To whom it may concern:

Between the years of 2008 and 2010, I would check into this room by special request.

And after six or seven weeks of phoning, I would select a victim from a local college or from the apartments adjacent to the windows in this room.

After gagging said victim, so as not to disturb the other guests, I would begin the ‘procedure’ with a hint of sodomy.

My crimes were far from victimless, however I always committed with them with the attitude of helping the victim go free from this world and helping the community at large.

I’ve never been one to leave witnesses but I felt I should leave this account of my life’s work so that someone will understand.

Are you the one who will save me?”

First of all, what a sick and crazy individual we have here. If you truly think that by gagging and sodomizing women, you are actually helping the community at large, then I think you need to take a trip to the nearest mental institution or better yet, jail. I even think that might be “going easy” on the alleged killer but hey, that’s just me.

The next question that must be asked is if this is a real confession or a hoax. According to ABC11, Raleigh Police said the note does not match up with any crimes from those years that they are aware of, but the police will hold on to the letter as evidence.

For humanity’s sake, let’s hope this is a hoax.

 [h/t ABC]

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