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ASU vs University of Arizona: Who Has The Better Student Section



Who has the greatest student section of all time? A question that has raised much debate between conferences for decades. Well, the Pac-12 set off to go and find that answer. For the next few weeks, the Pac is pitting schools against each other to discover who has the best fans with their Student Section Challenge. Right now we’re in round 1 where each school is pitted off against their rival school, and this week, its ASU vs U of Who Gives a Sh*t They Live in Tucson… Guess which school I go to.

So we ask you, our loyal readers, which school showed what’s up tonight? The university ranked #1 in innovation or the school that can’t seem to figure out how to win a rose bowl? You decide. Make sure to check out the Pac-12’s social media channels to vote and voting ends this Thursday. Catch ya later and Go Devils.

Editor’s Note: Even if Gabe wasn’t a COED Campus Ambassador, this was a layup for ASU from the beginning. Not even a question. Like, that Zona girl looks nice and everything but she didn’t leave it all out there.

I’m a little concerned about Gabe and the @942Crew’s ability to take it the distance considering how winded Gabe sounds/looks, but it’s an early Round 1 win for sure.

Bonus ASU:

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