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Arkansas Professor Arrested And Escorted From Game For Cursing At Coach Bielema



Dr. Lawton Nalley is a big University of Arkansas football fan who was less than impressed by the Razorbacks’ head coach Bret Bielema last Saturday. Upset with the Razorbacks’ performance, Dr. Nalley was caught yelling obscenities and cussing at Coach Bielema before he was arrested and escorted from the game.

Arkansas is 4-2 after losing last weekend to the Alabama Crimson Tide 49-30, although truthfully playing a team like Bama (even at home) is always tough to come away with a win. Still, though, good for Dr. Nalley for expressing his opinions.

What Happened?

Lawton was allegedly arrested at a University of Arkansas football game for yelling obscenities at Coach Bielema, including the phrase “If I had your record I’d be f****** fired. F*** you.”

Police officers at the game spoke to Dr. Nalley, who refused to stop his “erratic behavior.” Eventually, he was handcuffed and arrested for his actions. The University of Arkansas Police Department charged Nalley with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. He was released almost 40 minutes after he had been booked.

Who Is Lawton Nalley?

Dr. Lawton Lanier Nalley is an Associate Professor for the university’s Agricultural Department, specifically specializing in agricultural economics and agribusiness (according to Deadspin). But he’s also big Arkansas Razorbacks fan who apparently isn’t afraid of telling it like it is.

He’s also the newest, biggest hero to the undergrads in Little Rock, AK.

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