Kenneth Bone Is The Presidential Candidate America Both Deserves & Needs Right Now

Even in the darkness of American politics, the light of the American internet shines through. Our great nation already demonstrated its ability to rise up during trying times, as evidenced by our memeification of Hurricane Matthew. Little did we know that maybe our greatest meme-ccomplishment yet would come at the tail end of a Hurricane Matthew, during a far, far worse storm, known as the Presidential Debate.

With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump turning the debate into some sort of demented 8 Mile and Yo Momma offspring, hurling hatred and feces all over our democratic process, it looked as though the memes of the weekend was going to be some generic Hillary or Trump memes. You know, something about Trump grabbing p*ssy or Hillary being generally awkward and robotic. Then, like a lifeline from the meme gods above, this happened:

A truly electric moment from an American national treasure, Bone’s legend can only be matched by that of Harambe. With all of the ever-present issues such as ISIS, immigration, Donald Trump’s tiny p*ssy grabbin’ hands, Hillary’s emails — Bone comes out of left field and pulls a Leo DiCaprio with a f*cking energy question. The only adjective I can think of to describe this moment is electric:

“What steps will your enegry policy take to meet our energy needs, while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?”

-Kenneth Bone

Even if your olive suit doesn't rip, you can still rock this #KenBone tee

— (@COED) October 10, 2016

Never forget:

Game respects game. #KenBone

— Rob Fox III (@RobFoxThree) October 10, 2016


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