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Here’s Another Health Benefit Of Drinking Beer With Hops In It



A new study shows that while drinking beer might not be good for your sobriety, the hops you find in beer might help you fight liver disease over a period time. Naturally, IPA geeks will be using this as fodder for why they’re more sophisticated and smarter than you. Speaking of people more sophisticated and smarter than you, check out what scientists get to do with their budgets:

Using a binge-drinking mouse model, we aimed to determine whether hops (Humulus lupulus) in beer is involved in the less damaging effects of acute beer consumption on the liver in comparison with ethanol.

Like, if there’s one thing that COED’s office needs, it’s a binge-drinking mouse.

Anyways, here’s the takeaways on the study.

The scientists fed mice two types of alcohol: beer with hops and beer without hops. What they found was that both mice got drunk, but the mice who were fed hops beer had decidedly less fat around their liver than the mice who were fed beer without hops. That’s a good thing because the less fat you have around your liver means the better that it can function.

Of course, you could just avoid creating fat in your liver altogether by avoiding beer altogether (the sugar and alcohol are what cause the fat in the first place), but where’s the fun in that?

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