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WATCH: A-Rod’s Cryptic Comment Suggests He Might Not Be Done Playing Baseball

NGetty Images)

(Getty Images)

The Yankees basically told Alex Rodriguez this season he was either going to retire with dignity or they were going to unceremoniously send him packing. While A-Rod probably would have preferred to play out the season, the reality was he was completely hapless at the plate in his final season and he had to see the writing on the wall. But a comment he made tonight has the baseball world wondering if he’s going to be back after all. It of course wouldn’t be the first time A-Rod deceived us.

A-Rod is a part of Fox’s MLB playoff coverage, and with the Nationals-Dodgers game rained out the studio team got a lot of airtime tonight. Below is the exchange that everyone will remember:

The question is would any team really want the constant distraction of A-Rod after a season when he batted .200? The reality is A-Rod is a far better studio analyst than he is a baseball player at this point, and he should focus on that. Leave professional baseball in 2017 to guys who can actually hit the ball, like Mets prospect Tim Tebow.







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