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You Can Watch Oklahoma vs. Texas On Saturday In Virtual Reality

texas oklahoma virtual reality

(Getty Images) 

It really is a brave new world.

Saturday’s Red River Shootout between the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns will be streamed live in virtual reality via Fox Sports VR app, which is available on iOS, Android, Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

The annual rivalry game takes place at noon on Saturday in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, which is about equidistant from the two Big 12 schools.

Both teams have gotten off to lackluster 2-2 starts, but if you’re lucky enough to have one of these futuristic devices then it’s definitely worth seeing what football in virtual reality is like. The app will offer users a “virtual suite” option as well as on-field angles. The regular stream will also be available through the VR app. If you’re going to watch in virtual reality, be careful though or you could end up like Butters.

For the rest of us peasants, the Oklahoma-Texas game will also be shown on Fox Sports 1.


(h/t Sports Illustrated)




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