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Is This Letter From OSU The Most Bullsh*t PC Move You’ve Ever Seen In Your Life?


Yes. The answer is yes, Eric, this is the most bullshit PC move I’ve ever seen in my life. Earlier this week, we brought you the story of something pretty similar, where a UC Merced sent out instructions forbidding students involved in Greek life from using the word “Greek” in their recruitments.  Unfortunately for the state planet Earth’s grip on reality, apparently these type of language bans (??) are becoming a common occurrence. I take you to Oregon State University, the school best known for being the JV version of the University of Oregon, where apparently they word ‘house’ (no, literally the word house) has become offensive.

In an almost unprecedented move of political correctness and general pussification, the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life sent out this eye-melting list of best practices. The results are genuinely confusing:

osu frat

A lot to take in here. For example, OSU is arguing that the inclusion of the letters ‘ERNITY’ makes the word ‘frat’ less offensive. I mean, if that is the definition of over-doing something, I don’t know what is. OSU is like that dude who calls every girl ‘love’ or ‘babe’ or whatever. Dude, you’re not being polite or sweet — y0u’re being a bitch. I know if I lived in Oregon and was deciding between these two schools, this would easily be enough to sway my vote.

I know I can be a little cynical, but in all seriousness, this really is taking it too far. Maybe if you want to ban the phrases ‘hazing’ or ‘hell week’, OKAY, I can see it. But the word house? Greek life? Boys?! Girls?!?!?! Dorms!!!!??!? They ARE dorms. Life is short — why spend the extra second saying residence hall when you can just say dorm instead.

The world is rotting from within. 2017 is gonna be a hell of a year.

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