Niykee Heaton Sure Knows How To Promote A Tour


On Thursday, October 6, Niykee Heaton kicked off her Centerfold Tour with a show at Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia. To get people fired up for the tour, Niykee posted these pictures on her Instagram on Wednesday, October 5. This is promoting at its goddamn finest.

#TheCenterfoldTour (tix available:

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My dear Lord. Sex sells and Niykee is selling it by the truckload. Tonight, Niykee will be at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re in the area and still wondering if you should check out the show, take a look at this picture from her concert on Thursday night.

#TheCenterfoldTour ATHENS, GA

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Do they sell tickets behind the stage? Asking for myself. You can take a look at the full list of her upcoming shows here, and you can treat yourself to the 22 hottest photos of Niykee in the gallery below.

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