Meet Leila George: Sean Penn's New Girlfriend & Daughter Of Vincent D'Onofrio

I want to believe that it’s tabloid fodder and not true in the slightest, but that would be wishful thinking. Sean Penn’s old ass is officially dating Leila George and it makes me want to lose my lunch. The pair was spotting making out in Oahu, Hawaii last weekend, and she would then accompany him to his Film Independent at LACMA event, An Evening With Sean Penn, on Thursday, October 6.
Leila is 24-years-old and Penn is 56-years-old, but I guess the heart wants what it wants. Leila is the daughter of actors Greta Scacchi and Vincent D’Onofrio, and she is following in their footsteps. She recently starred in Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?, which was a remake of the 1996 TV movie of the same name. The remake also starred James Franco and Tori Spelling, and it premiered on Lifetime on June 18, 2016.
I’m betting Vincent would love to sic some of those badass dinosaurs he had in Jurassic World on Penn. In case you weren’t already feeling icky enough about this relationship, Penn has two kids that are roughly the same age as Leila, as Dylan is 25 and Hopper is 23.

While I may not approve of Leila getting with Penn, I can’t deny that he has exquisite taste. Check out the 22 hottest photos of Leila in the gallery below.

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