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Here’s That Super Racist “Watters’ World” Segment That Got Fox News In Trouble

via Fox News

via Fox News

First words out of this guy’s mouth is: “Am I supposed to bow when I say hello?” Jesus, Jesse. In what other setting– professional or otherwise –would that be acceptable? Imagine he said that at a business meeting. Or a dinner party. Sh*t, imagine he just said to an Asian person who was having a bad day. Point is, this kind of behavior is unacceptable. He accuses a street vendor of selling stolen goods. He adds subtitles to a guy speaking perfectly comprehensible English.

I haven’t even mentioned the fact that this whole segment is set to the song ‘Kung-Fu Fighting’.

Unsurprisingly, Watters almost immediately started backtracking:

However, this probably comes as a surprise to no one — this has been Watters’ shtick for years. Watters has a long history of creating segments for “Watters’ World” often aimed at making ordinary people look stupid (which is pretty easy to do considering the ability to edit footage).

Dude is the definition of white privilege and has frankly been a prick for years and I’m glad to see his horrible taste, judgement, and sense of humor have finally caught up with him.

Maybe the most disgusting part of the whole video is when Watters and O’Reilly are sucking each other off at the end of the video, chalking up what we just saw to ‘all in good fun’.

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