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UW-Madison Fraternity Suspended After Dumbest “Cultural Appropriation” Party Ever


Wisconsin Hick Party Suspension

It seems like every time we open a new Google Chrome tab, some fraternity or sorority are getting suspended for throwing a politically incorrect theme party. It’s painfully obvious to see how Hispanic or Black students would take offense to a “Border Party” or an “MLK Black Party,” but sometimes the PC Culture Justice Warriors take things a little too far. And what just happened at UW-Madison to the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is just down right ridiculous.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers were kicked off campus for throwing a “hick themed” party while in violation of suspension. And while yes, a violation of the suspension is worthy of some punishment, apparently the UW-Madison administration really didn’t appreciate the notion that sometimes it’s fun to dress in jean overalls, straw hats, and drink grain alcohol.

Dean of students Lori Berquam added her concerns in a statement Wednesday. “I am deeply concerned by the pattern of health, safety and legal violations that has emerged at this student organization’s events. In addition, its promotion of an event that insults people of a rural background is completely contrary to the values UW-Madison stands for and the positive, inclusive behaviors we encourage our students to engage in,” she said [source].

Erwin Cox, an investigator for the Division of Student Life had this to say about the same party:

“While not a policy violation, the theme of a ‘hick’ party is very concerning and would not seem to be within the standards expected of any student organization [source].”

At this point, if schools are taking away “white trash” or “hick” parties away from fraternities, I’m not really sure what kind of themed social functions are left. There are few things in college more fun than drinking mass quantities of beers in camo/jean overalls sans shirt, and doing it with chicks wearing the same thing.

What’s worse is that this party was during the SUMMER. The Summer! The most lenient period for the school in the history of schools, and the fraternity was just suspended this past Monday.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of fact that Sigma Phi Epsilon was on probation, there’s no way around that little part. There’s also no way around the fact that they had a banner reading “Dump ‘Em Out” which UW-Madison believes was referring to women showing their breasteses. Which is not such a good look.

H/T: Brobible

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