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UC Merced Is The Latest University Trying To Ruin Greek Life With Bullcrap Political Correctness

UC Merced Greek Life

(Jay Paul/Getty Images)

This upcoming rush season at UC Merced, the University has sent out instructions forbidding students involved in Greek life from using the word “Greek” in their recruitments. Furthermore, the UC Merced has also banned the use of the words “rush,” and “pledge,” as it promotes non-inclusiveness and implies hazing.

In recent years, Greek life, particularly fraternities, have come under fire for the themed parties, fundraising events, and hazing incidents. It is understandable that UC Merced would want to clean up Greek life for the better, however, a frat by any other name is still a frat.

Having personally attended the largest university in North America, Arizona State, and having seen first hand the crackdown of on-campus fraternities. I know that just changing the names of things isn’t going to change the way things are.

Fraternities and sororities will always be inclusive, and even more so at a school like UC Merced. While fraternities and sororities don’t make up the entire student body, they maintain a large pretense due to the small size of the school.

If UC Merced intends to curb the activities of Greek life, they’re going to have to do a lot more than just change the names of Greek life, pledging, and rushing. Greek life is going to continue doing what it’s doing in its all-inclusive style until more substantial measures are taken.

[h/t The College Fix]

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