Evan Rachel Wood: Hottest Photos On The Internet

If you didn’t know who Evan Rachel Wood was before Westworld, then you sure as hell do now. Up until her leading role in HBO’s new mega-hit, Evan Rachel Wood was only known for a handful of roles. She began her acting career with the 1990s with television shows such as American Gothic and Once and Again.

Wood continued acting, eventually breaking into film, with roles in Pretty Persuasion, Down in the Valley,  Running with Scissors and Across the Universe. Wood’s career began to really take off in 2008 when she began to appear in more mainstream films, such as The Wrestler,  Whatever Works, and The Ides of March.

Now, Wood’s career is sure to receive the attention it deserves, as her role in Westworld seems like it is going to be Emmy-caliber. HBO is hoping Westworld is their next Game Of Thrones, so get used to her, because we’re going to be seeing her all over for many years to come.

Believe us, that is far from a bad thing.

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