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WATCH: The Trailer For John Daly’s ’30 For 30′ Is Here



ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series always brings the goods. From Four Falls of Buffalo, to The U, to The Fab Five, to Catching Hell, this series has an absurd batting average. It’s very rare that I’m disappointed in one of their films, and it looks like they’ve got yet another winner on their hands. It’s called Hit it Hard, and it’s all about the life of the biggest badass to ever step foot on a golf course: John Daly.

“Just keep swinging. Swing as hard as you can. Grip it and rip it.” Wiser words have never been spoken. After watching the trailer, I want to get that advice tattooed on my back, grow out a killer stache/mullet combo, and start constantly ripping cigs. John Daly is an absolute legend, and I cannot wait to hear about his highs and lows both personally and professionally. I might even get shitfaced at Hooters while watching it just to get the full effect.

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