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Penn State Had A Full-On Lynch Mob Looking For A Clown Last Night


PSU Clown Chase Riot

Penn State students are known for riots. When Joe Pa got fired, it resulted in thousands of dollars in damages and several arrests. I used to think that these riots took place to stand up for what the Penn State student body believes in, but now I am not so sure.

Around midnight last night, PSU students went freaking WILD at the first whisper of a Penn State clown sighting. Students of all ages ran all around campus, up and down College Avenue, and crowded the Old Main Lawn carrying tennis rackets, golf clubs, and baseball bats, all while screaming “F*CK THE CLOWNS.” Freshmen started playing sirens from the movie The Purge just to freak everyone the hell out. Students were yelling “What do we want? The clown. When do we want it? Now.” Another great quote I heard was, “I don’t care about your race, religion, or creed, but we could all agree, F*CK THE CLOWNS.” A clown picture was projected onto the side of the Beaver Hills wall.


Here are some pictures/videos to recap the evening.

It turned into a full-blown clown hunt. At every other normal, calm, and collected university, when students saw clowns they thought “oh my so scary” and snap a pic. PSU students, we start running through the streets doing a “WE ARE” chant. What the hell is wrong with this world.

COED Writer