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8-Year-Old Jordin Phipps Makes History At University of North Texas


Jordin Phipps UNT Student

This past Thursday, 8-year-old Jordin Phipps became the youngest person to ever be accepted into the University of North Texas.

After an inspiring video of this girl in green went viral, Phipps became recognized by this Texas university, who gave her the President’s Award for Excellence in Leadership, which comes with a $10,000 scholarship and guaranteed admission for the class of 2033.

Who is Jordin Phipps?

Jordin Phipps is a motivated third grader living in Garland, Texas. This past September, Phipps’ mom shared a video with the University of North Texas‘ Facebook. This video soon went viral and attracted the attention of UNT President Neal Smatresk, and the rest would be history. In fact, at age eight, Jordin Phillips has already made history, achieving an unprecedented accomplishment, becoming the youngest person ever to be accepted into the University of North Texas.

“I’m going to start my day in a positive way,” says Jordin Phillips in her viral video, as she began her artful speech. “I will be respectful with the words I say. I will pay attention and I will do my best and I will study hard for every test. I will take advantage of what my teachers have to give. I will become a productive citizen in this world in which I live. I am smart, I am a leader. Failure is not an option. Success is only moments away. I have the attitude of a North Texas Eagle and now it’s time to start my day.”

What happened?

When Nicole Phipps recorded her daughter Jordin and posted it online, she may not have expected such a positive turnout, which pretty much guarantees that her young daughter will be able to get her foot in the door of a future college education. Nicole Phipps is a graduate of the University of North Texas, which may have inspired her daughter’s interest in this particular school. Since the video was originally uploaded on September 20 of this year, it has been re-uploaded and shared across multiple different platforms over 90,000 times.

The viral video would soon get behind the computer screen of the President of the University of North Texas Neal Smatresk. He was very impressed with the remarkable and motivational attitude of the eight-year-old Texan.

On Thursday, September 29, Mean Green Cheerleaders arrived at Jordin’s school, the Watson Technology Center for Math & Science in her hometown of Garland. These cheerful cheerleaders arrived as messengers of the University of North Texas, informing the young Phipps about being awarded a prestigious scholarship. They presented Phipps with a huge award, in fact, it was the President Award for Excellence in Achievement, along with a $10,000 scholarship to be applied when Jordin enrolls as part of the collegiate class of 2033. With this award, Jordin made history as the youngest applicant ever accepted into the University of North Texas.

“Jordin was completely stunned and seemed to be in shock,” Tanya O’Neil, communication specialist at UNT, told The Huffington Post of the eight-year-old record breaker’s reaction to the big reveal. “You could tell she was just a happy kid and loved it all, but was absolutely overwhelmed. It was a blast!”

The future already looks bright for this young and spirited Texas girl. She has already made a positive impact on the world around her. Let’s hope this success follows her throughout her academic life and beyond.

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