This Week In Florida News: Parents Brawl Out At A Chuck E. Cheese’s

I genuinely hope every single one of these people’s employers sees this video. It’s one thing to get caught in a regular fight on tape, let alone at a F*CKING CHILDREN’S CHAIN RESTAURANT. What could have possibly happened inside of a CHUCK E. CHEESE’S that would illicit this type of behavior? I mean, this is a massive brawl. It’s not like one kid stole another kid’s tickets and two parents are squaring up. It looks as though the entire establishment went into full riot mode.

Florida has somehow found a way to Florida-ize a children’s restaurant. Just when you think Florida couldn’t Florida any harder, they find a way.

Both of COED’s editors, myself and our boy Wyatt, have celebrated birthdays at this fine family entertainment center, and find it downright heartbreaking that this once hallowed ground has fallen victim to the Floridians.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand time: Florida, the Russia of the United States.

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