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WATCH: SMU Sigma Chi Throws One Helluva Pool Party

Innovative Vision YouTube

Innovative Vision YouTube

Sigma Chi was founded in 1855 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. With 244 active chapters, the fraternity has over 300,000 members. Out of all of these schools, Southern Methodist University might be the cream of the crop when it comes to throwing pool parties. They recently threw a bash headlined by Migos, who proceeded to whip the crowd into an absolute frenzy. You can check out all the mayhem in the video below.

Goddamn, that looked like a blast. Babes, booze, and rap bangers are a tried-and-true recipe for an awesome party. You add a pool and a cornucopia of elite butt cheeks to the mix and that’s how you end up with a legendary fiesta. Congrats to SMU’s Sigma Chi chapter for having more fun in one afternoon than I had in my entire college career. Lucky sons of bitches.

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