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Rory McIlroy Pulled The B*tch Move Of The Century This Weekend

(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

(David Cannon/Getty Images)

First, let me just say I’m super pumped I found such an ugly picture of the dude because he deserves it. Why? Cause Rory McIlroy pulled what could quite possibly be the biggest b*tch move of the 21st century. Rory you whiny little f*ck, you’re a professional athlete making tens of millions of dollars, show a little testicular fortitude, eh? I’m not sure how much Ryder Cup tickets were, but it’s really shitty of you to get a guy booted for talking a little smack, especially considering how much that ticket probably cost him. Using your power as an athlete to get a fan removed from an event is as weak as it comes. You play golf for a living dude.

Also, this more or less proves Rory is packing zero heat. Someone with an adequately sized d*ck wouldn’t react like this. The only type of person who would act this way after a d*ck joke is, well, a dude with a tiny d*ck. You could make fun of my pecker all day and I wouldn’t give one iota of a shit because I’m totally comfortable with where I’m at. Rory on the other hand? He’s clearly got some insecurity down below.

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