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WATCH: If You Watch One Pool Party Video This Year, Make It This SMU Sigma Chi Pool Party Recap



A very special shoutout to the boys at SMU’s Sigma Chi who threw one hell of a party this year with MIGOS. Not only did they fill Bungalow Dallas with all the baddest biddies at SMU, they invited MIGOS to perform at the party. I know that we use a ton of hyperbole on the site to discuss various party recap videos, but I’ve been doing this job for longer than I’d care to admit and this looks like a Top 5 party for sure.

To me, this shot of the pool looks about as turnt as something you’d see at the PCB Holiday Inn. Tell me that I’m wrong. You can’t.

SMU Dallas Bungalow Party

Anyways, we digress. If you’re thinking about joining a fraternity, you might want to think about going Sigma Chi because it’s pretty f*cking apparent that these brothers go HAM when they want to. Check out the video below.

Raindrops, drop tops

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migos & amigos

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mis amigas💦

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Me & Mi A(migos)

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Random girl I met at Migos

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