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Wikileaks Claims Hillary Clinton Once Asked About Possibility of ‘Droning’ Julian Assange

Wikileaks October Surprise Clinton

Getty Images / Peter Macdiarmid

For months, Donald Trump supporters and Wikileaks enthusiasts have been talking about an “October Surprise” that would blow the socks off of the world and Hillary Clinton‘s voters. More recently, Julian Assange had arranged to make an important announcement from the balcony of his room at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London this Tuesday, leading many to believe that the “October Surprise” would then be announced.

But the best-laid plans never seem to work out, and now Assange has cancelled his announcement because of “security concerns” amidst a speaking engagement in Berlin (he’s going to be telecommuting, not traveling–he’s still trapped). Assange now plans on making his announcement next Tuesday.

That being said, we might not need to wait for the big announcement because rumors (via the Wikileaks twitter account) have already started to fly about what it is he wanted to say. Many believed Assange and Wikileaks would leak more information about the Democratic National Committee, but now it appears that he’s going to rain on Hillary Clinton’s parade directly.

Specifically, he’s saying that Hillary Clinton once asked about the possibility of killing Julian Assange via drone strike.

If that’s the October Surprise, then I’d say it’s kind of a let-down. Clinton is probably one of many world leaders who wishes they could just make their Julian Assange problem disappear. We’re not saying we agree with her stance (we definitely don’t) we’re just saying that it’s probably in the interest of national security to kill him.

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