Colorado Is Having A 4.2 Mile Race Called The 420 Games And We’re High Just Thinking About It

The 420 Games Colorado

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How have I never heard of the 420 Games? Oh, that’s right, because only a couple of states are as WOKE AF as Colorado, and still haven’t legalized marijuana. Well, in the luckier states in the union, the 420 Games are a real thing that promotes both healthy living and burning. A Tough Mudder meets Woodstock type vibe, The 420 Games is a series of athletic events that (quite obviously) promotes the healthy and responsible use of cannabis. Each event has a 4.20-mile course, beer  from Lagunitas Brewery (their Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ is one of the best beers out there), some expectedly pro-stoner educational speeches, and music.

According to the 420 Games website, the goal of the 420 Games: to destroy the stigma that people who use cannabis are lazy, unhealthy stoners, and to bring attention to the many people who use the drug as part of a healthy lifestyle. The 420 Games are headed to Boulder on Saturday. It’s the first time this California-based event has been held in Colorado, and Colorado goes as hard as anyone in the bud game, so you know they’re gonna show out.

The 420 Games is a successful business in its own right. Jim McAlpine, who came up with the 420 Games two years ago, says that in just one, year–with no advertising–the 420 Games’ Facebook page has amassed 60,000 fans. Similarly, the first event had 100 people, the second has 200,  and the latest in San Francisco drew 1,000 participants.

Needless to say, the event in Boulder will probably be their biggest yet. Colorado loves them some devil’s lettuce (which is easily the best ironic slang term for weed).

[h/t Colorado Daily]

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