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Chick Orders Breadsticks From Domino’s, Finds $5000 Inside Box Instead

dominos money

via ABC

Nope. F*ck karma. Actually, does anything involving DOMINO’S PIZZA even deserve karma? Eating Domino’s is a sin in and of itself. So, yeah, if you’re telling that one day when I order the devil’s pizza then $5000 will show up instead of my stomach-shredding breadsticks, then I am telling you I am stealing the shit out of that money. Apparently, San Jose, California’s Elena Avalos is too high and mighty for common sense.

Via ABC:

Spacetel Wireless manager Selena Avalos ordered some chicken wings from her local Domino’s pizza restaurant.¬†She opened the box thinking that her order was mistakenly swapped for breadsticks, but instead she saw thousands of dollars in cash.

She immediately called the downtown Domino’s store where she had placed her order in hopes of getting in touch with a manager. Nobody had called her back.
Oh, word? No one at a Domino’s answered your phone call? Listen, let me just make it clear: Domino’s is the portal through which Satan spawns on Earth. Tell me why, if every town in America has a local pizza joint, why a CHAIN pizza place needs to exist? It’s an abomination (full disclosure, I eat Domino’s maybe 3-5 times a year, so I’m not sin-free). Via ABC:

Avalos was confused. “Wouldn’t they be thinking, ‘Where did that money go?'” she asked.

Without a clear response, Avalos turned to ABC7 News for help. After getting in touch with corporate, we were able to connect the Spacetel manager with the franchise owner.

Not wanting to keep the money, she aimed to return the funds much sooner. For her honesty, her employer is giving her a week off with pay.

Ugh. Some people man. They’re just too honest. Oh, and if you couldn’t already tell, f*ck Domino’s.
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