The 20 Hottest YouTube Stars Of 2016 [Photos and Video]

2016 is a great time to be alive, as there are roughly a million different ways to check out gorgeous women on the internet. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and quite a few other avenues that I’ll leave to your imagination. This is a family website after all. But today, our focus will be on the lovely ladies of YouTube.
We’ve complied the 20 hottest YouTube stars of 2016 in the gallery below. From Meg Turney, to Andrea Feczko, to Missy Lynn, to Jenna Marbles, the cream of the crop is all here. You’re sure to find a couple girls who you definitely won’t regret subscribing to their YouTube channels. These ladies are racking up views like nobody’s business, and billions of satisfied viewers can’t be wrong.
Without further ado, scroll through the pics below and thank your lucky stars that YouTube came into our lives back in February of 2005.

Meg Turney

Real Name: Megan LeeAnn Turney 

Subscribers: 320,000 

Video Views: 16.5 Million 

Instagram: dollwithagun 

Twitter: megturney

Carli Bybel

Real Name: Carli Babel 

Subscribers:  4.8 Million 

Video Views:  417 Million 

Instagram: carlibel 

Twitter:  carlibybel

Aja Dang

Real Name: Aja Dang

Subscribers: 127,000

Video Views: 10.6 Million

Instagram: ajadang

Twitter: aJaDaNg

Jaclyn Glenn

Real Name: Jaclyn Glenn

Subscribers: 444,000

Video Views: 53 Million

Instagram: jaclynglenn

Twitter: jacylnglenn

Nicole Arbour

Real Name: Nicole Arbour

Subscribers: 381,000

Video Views: 47 Million

Instagram: ibnicolearbour

Twitter: NicoleArbour


Real Name: N/A

Subscribers: 227,000

Video Views: 11 Million

Instagram: thequeenofneverland

Twitter: clarababylegs


Real Name: Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Subscribers: 11.1 Million

Video Views: 825 Million

Instagram: zoella

Twitter: Zoella

Andrea Feczko

Real Name: Andrea Fezcko

Subscribers: 60,000

Video Views: 7 Million

Instagram: AndreaFeczko

Twitter: AndreaFeczko

Tara Babcock

Real Name: Tara Ann Babcock

Subscribers: 235,000

Video Views: 40.2 Million

Instagram: TaraBabcock

Twitter: TaraBabcock

Syd Wilder

Real Name: Syd Wilder

Subscribers: 35,000

Video Views: 3.2 Million

Instagram: sydwilder

Twitter: sydwilder


Real Name: Alba Ramos

Subscribers: 755,000

Video Views: 40 Million

Instagram: sunkissalba

Twitter: sunkissalba


Real Name: Lia

Subscribers: 3.6 Million

Video Views: 452 Million

Instagram: SSSniperWolf

Twitter: SSSniperWolf

Missy Lynn

Real Name: Missy Lynn

Subscribers: 502,000

Video Views: 26 Million

Instagram: missylynn

Twitter: MissyLynn

Laci Green

Real Name: Laci Green

Subscribers: 1.5 Million

Video Views: 131.5 Million

Instagram: lacigreen

Twitter: gogreen18

Jess Greenberg

Real Name: Jess Greenberg

Subscribers: 1.2 Million

Video Views: 132 Million

Instagram: jess.greenberg

Twitter: JessGreenberg9

Jenna Marbles

Real Name: Jenna Nicole Mourey

Subscribers: 17 Million

Video Views: 2.1 Billion

Instagram: jennamarbles

Twitter: Jenna_Marbles


Real Name: Lilly Singh

Subscribers: 9.8 Million

Video Views: 1.5 Billion

Instagram: iisuperwomanii

Twitter: iisuperwomanii

Cutie Pie Marzia

Real Name: Mazia Bisognin

Subscribers: 6.7 Million

Video Views: 512 Million

Instagram: itsmarziapie

Twitter: MarziaPie

Bethany Mota

Real Name: Bethany Noel Mota

Subscribers: 10.3 Million

Video Views: 881 Million

Instagram: bethanynoelm

Twitter: bethanymota

Alex G

Real Name: Alexander Giannascoli

Subscribers: 1.5 Million

Video Views: 208 Million

Instagram: alexgmusic7

Twitter: AlexGMusic7

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