This Is How Much The Average Dude Is Willing To Spend To Go On A Date With Margot Robbie

If you wanted to buy a date with Harley Quinn, it would not be cheap, unsurprisingly. According to cashback rewards site QuidCo, fans of Margot Robbie are willing to spend $53,559 to go on a date with her. That’s more than most people make in an entire year. That’s more than I make in an entire year, and I would happily spend it all for one night with Margot Robbie.
As for the lis produced by QuidCo, Idris Elba topped the list for the most-desired for women, commanding a fee of $26,417 according to The Sun.
Two thousand British interviewees participated in the survey to “pay for the things in life that money CANNOT buy.” Men were more concerned about having an attractive wife whereas their counterparts weren’t as interested in looks.
Interestingly enough, the most expensive commodity was to start a completely new life. More than half of the voters said they would pay $11,277,853. million for that opportunity.
Living stress free, eating whatever you want and not gain any weigh,t and having naturally good teeth were the most popular things people put a price of.
Who says you can’t put a price on priceless things? People seemed eager to do just that in the survey. Here’s a list of the things that were given a out-of-budget price tag.

  • A completely new life – $11,277,853 million
  • To have good health for you and your family – $4,118,423 million
  • For your partner to never cheat – $213,707
  • To be super intelligent – $199,934
  • To have a good-looking wife – $120,599
  • To have a good-looking husband – $88,780
  • To be better looking – $73,781
  • A date with Margot Robbie – $53,559
  • A date with Idris Elba – $26,417
  • To enjoy your job – $22,589
  • To have a good night’s sleep for a year – $14,068
  • To have well behaved children – $10,082
  • A rain-free summer – $1917
  • The perfect kiss – $741
  • A compliment from a stranger – $64
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