Here’s The Most Important Result Of The Debate… The Memes

The first Presidential Debate was tonight, and it was, one would say… a flame-engulfed sh*t show. It was essentially 90 minutes of Hillary saying “You said this!” to which Trump would respond “No I didn’t! E-mails!” The word “emails” was predictably used AT LEAST 10 times (and that’s a modest estimate). Other buzz words for the night were Russia, Obama, taxes, nuclear, unbelievable, and of course, China.

Overall, the night was what everyone predicted and guiltily enjoyed. It was entertainment at its finest. It was surreal. It was a mockery of our political system, yet poetry in motion.

Luckily, we’ve got a handful of these debates left, so the memes will be pouring in for another 6 or 7 weeks.

And just imagine, in four years we’ll be watching Kanye West debating Shia Labeouf. If we’re lucky.

It's like watching an angry customer and a stubborn manager argue over the fine print of a coupon #debatenight

— (@COED) September 27, 2016

"Um, Lester we're live…..lester, LESTER"

— FIRST PLACE BEARS (@FlowsAndolini) September 27, 2016

Hi11ary. #DebateNight

— Complex (@Complex) September 27, 2016

Lester: "One of you will not win this election." Tough but fair, Lester! #debatenight

— Her Campus (@HerCampus) September 27, 2016

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A moment of silence for that 90 minutes none of us will ever get back. #debatenight

— Ashley Alexiss (@AshAlexiss) September 27, 2016

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Lmao blessed to be Canadian🇨🇦

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Mood after this debate #debatenight

— Affinity Magazine (@TheAffinityMag) September 27, 2016

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