You Know That En Fuego Romanian Weather Girl, Daniela Crudu? Unsurprisingly, Her Instagram Is Straight Fire

A smoking hot weather girl caused quite a stir by almost slipping out of her dress on live TV. Romanian TV host Daniela Crudu has gained popularity for her revealing outfits and unique dance routines on her weather show.

The latest mishap was when Crudu read the forecast on Romanian television and she decided to get active on the set. Seconds later, her crop top started falling down and her bra couldn’t hold up. Crudu pulled up her shirt and continued to dance.

Crudu revealed a lot more than the usual weather but I’m sure the audience wasn’t mad about it. She has gained thousands of followers on Instagram as of late and her on-air hot looks are the reason for it.

I am still wondering when American news will adopt these tactics? The news is depressing enough, so it wouldn’t hurt anyone if they would #FreeTheNipple every now and again.

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