Cubs President Theo Epstein Had On The Worst Disguise Ever To Watch A Game From The Wrigley Field Bleachers

Theo Epstein


It’s a good time to be a Cubs fan.

Just kidding, it’s never a good time to be a Cubs fan. But let them have their moment until they’re regular season juggernaut gets beaten in excruciating fashion in the playoffs, because that’s what the Cubs do. Deep down Cubs fans don’t want their team to win anyway because their entire identity is formed around their team never winning.

Anyway, check out these pics of ridiculously disguised Theo Epstein taking in his team’s afternoon game against the Brewers from the Wrigley Field bleachers.

You usually wear a disguise to avoid attention but wear one this bad and you’ll end upĀ getting a lot more attention than you would normally. Theo Epstein’s an extremely bright guy, so you have to think he wore this with the intention of getting shared around social media.

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