Mark Cuban Offers Donald Trump $10 Million For A 4-hour Interview

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Mark Cuban has been throwing shade Donald Trump‘s way for a while, from suggesting that the Republican presidential nominee is not actually a billionaire to saying the stock market will tank after the election if Trump is declared the winner. Today the outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star put his money where his mouth is, offering Donald Trump $10 million to sit down for a 4-hour interview focused exclusively on Trump’s policy ideas.

.1) @realDonaldTrump $10mm to the charity of YOUR choice if you let ME interview you for 4 hrs on YOUR policies and their substance.

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) September 16, 2016

2) @realDonaldTrump groundrules are that you cant mention the Clintons or discuss anything other than the details and facts of yr plans and

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) September 16, 2016

3) @realDonaldTrump and no one else is in the room to help. Just me, you and a broadcast crew.

Deal ?

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) September 16, 2016

Now Trump and Cuban in the same room would be fantastic, but Cubes needs to chill with that 4-hour request and shorten this to 90 minutes.

Cuban continued:

4)@realDonaldTrump I'll add an option.If you need it, I'll write you the check and you can keep the money rather than give it to charity

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) September 16, 2016

5) @realDonaldTrump In the inmortal words of YOU. "What do you have to lose ?"

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) September 16, 2016

Of course Trump probably will never sit down with Cuban to talk about his policy plans because Trump only gives access to those who are willing to kiss his ass. Which is a shame because $10 million could do a lot of good for any charity (or, more likely, for Donald Trump’s bank account).

Of course, policy is beside the point when it comes to the Donald Trump campaign so Trump will probably avoid interviews from here on out with interviewers who won’t just pet his hair and giggle.


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