We Almost Lived In A World Where Jeff Bridges Turned Down The Big Lebowski, And Here’s Why

Anyone who has a modicum of a sense of humor, at the very least, respects The Big Lebowski. I personally think it’s one of the 10 best comedies I’ve ever seen, and The Dude as one of the 10 best characters I’ve ever seen. The Big Lebowski would not be the success it was without Jeff Bridges as the dude, except he almost didn’t take the role:

“I’ll tell you what, on that one, it was tough. I read the script, I loved the script, but I’m playing this pothead guy, not that I have anything against potheads. I know there’s kind of a downside to being the kid of a famous person, there’s a lot of baggage. I thought, you know, I don’t know how my girls…I had three young girls at the time…how they were going to feel. How they were going to get teased or how they would feel about that.”

Eventually, Bridges’ daughters would give him the go ahead, and the legend was born.

And if you’re into the Big Lebowski, here’s another hilarious story about the filming of the movie:

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