WATCH: 9-Year-Old Rugby Prodigy Tramples Everyone In His Path

Meaalofa Te’o is a nine-year-old from Victoria, Australia, and he is a damn monster on the rugby pitch. Check out his highlight tape below from a tournament his team won in Canberra, and thank your lucky stars that you’ll never have to try to tackle him. My whole body is sore just watching this prodigy trample the competition.

I’d pay good money to hear Chris Berman do play-by-play on this video. He’d make so many goofy ass sound effects that it’d sound like a Mike Alstott highlight from the late 90s.

Just complete and utter domination from Te’o. Not only was he running kids over and stiff arming them into oblivion, he also showed off a filthy juke move and breakaway speed. The kid is the total package, and he needs a Vegemite endorsement, pronto.

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