WATCH: Crazy Footage Of Spearfisher Narrowly Escaping Shark Attack

22-year-old college student Tyler McQuillen was enjoying a day of spearfishing with his buddies off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Everything was going swimmingly until some dickhead 12-foot-long great white shark decided to show up and ruin everything. Here’s the intense footage Tyler’s GoPro captured of him tangoing with the shark.

I gotta tip my cap to Tyler for staying calm under pressure. I definitely would’ve panicked and ended up like Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea. But not Tyler. Tyler has gigantic balls that dangle out of his swim trunks. So instead of losing his cool, he drilled that shark with a spear to the face and made him go crying home to his mother.

The shark did break two of Tyler’s toes by biting his foot, but Tyler clearly won the war with his textbook spear game. Tyler’s also got a badass story to tell for the rest of his life and the video to back it up. Humans – 1, Sharks – 0. Suck it, nerds.

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