Stud College Running Back Drops Scholarship & Quits Football To Grow Legal Marijuana

There are two types of people: people who read this headline and think “awesome!” and people who read this headline and think “super lazy stoner!” I don’t care which party you fall into, cause I’m one hundo a part of group A, which stands for awesome.

The devil’s lettuce. The herb. The dank. Whatever the hell you call it, Treyous Jarrells traded in his college scholarship and promising football career for it.

According to the Coloradoan:

“He believes that if he had wanted to play out his senior season this fall, he’d have punched his ticket to the NFL.”

ICYMI: A former CSU running back says it's time to allow pot as a pain reliever:

— Coloradoan (@coloradoan) September 13, 2016

After using marijuana to deal with the chronic pain from his 16 years of football, Jarrells is now licensed to grow medicinal marijuana in the state of Colorado.

“I practiced under the influence. I played games under the influence. This is my medicine,” Jarrells said. “I’ve seen players at CSU pop five, 10 ibuprofens before practice. Daily. You think that’s good? Over the course of two, three years, that’s eating your liver away. I am not ashamed of what I did.”

Some would say Jarrells was dropping truth bombs.

The whole article is quite amazing, and definitely worth a read, considering the balls this kid has to give up a career and a free education to pursue a passion of his.

[h/t Coloradoan]

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