It’s Tuesday, The Sun Is Shining, So Let’s All Watch & Laugh At Ryan Lochte Being Rushed By Protestors On DWTS

Is this going to be Ryan Lochte‘s life from now on? I feel like he’s on a path that will eventually lead to him on some sort of Celebrity Big Brother type reality show, teetering on alcoholism. I mean, that’s probably worst case scenario, but close your eyes and tell me you can’t picture it? I sure as hell can. After all, Lochte looks like he was probably a Real World contestant in another life.

Lochte’s PL (post-lie) career began last night on Dancing With The Stars, and naturally, it was a disaster. His dancing was, well, watch for yourself and decide. That’s not why we’re here. We’re here because of what happened after his dance finished.

Two men, wearing anti-Lochte T-shirts, rushed the stage while Lochte was getting his scores from judge Carrie Ann Inaba for his debut performance during Monday night’s season premiere. According to Mike Lopez, a spokesman for the LAPD, said they were arrested on suspicion of criminal trespassing.

Here’s video of whatever just happened to Ryan Lochte on #DWTS

— Brandon Wall (@Walldo) September 13, 2016


Another angle of Lochte protesters on #DWTS #DancingWiththeStars

Why does this remind me of a Trump rally πŸ€”

— @π˜Ώπ˜Ύπ™ƒπ™€π™’π™€π™¨ (@DCHomos) September 13, 2016

After the incident, Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron explained they were interrupted by “a little incident.” When speaking to swimmer afterwards, Lochte dropped these gems (via AP):

The swimmer told Bergeron that “so many feelings are going through my head right now.” Lochte added that he was “a little hurt, but I came out here. I wanted to do something I’m completely not comfortable with, and I did.”

The Olympic medalist performed a foxtrot routine with professional partner Cheryl Burke to “Call Me Irresponsible.” They received a combined score from the judges of 24 out of 40.

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