NFL Unveils New Nike Color Rush Jerseys For All 32 Teams

Color Rush Jerseys Nike

The NFL just released their Nike Color Rush jerseys, which teams will wear for all of their Thursday Night Football games. Color Rush is an idea that started last year with only eight teams, but the powers that be must have liked it so much that they’re going with all 32 teams this year. “Color Rush brings a full head-to-toe monochromatic look to the NFL gridiron. The designs draw inspiration from both current and historic uniform schemes — celebrating the hallmarks of each club’s distinctive identity.”

At least, that’s what the NFL says about them. Personally, I do not find them attractive at all. The only teams I think look anywhere near halfway decent are the teams who lucked out wearing white.

The first game-time appearance of the Color Rush jerseys will be during this Thursday’s game between the Jets and the Bills. Last year, the Jets and the Bills wore green and red jerseys, respectively, causing some color blind fans to be left clueless as to which team was which. Thankfully, they decided to switch it up this year.

It's red vs. white this time around. #ColorRush #NYJvsBUF

And it'll be live on Twitter:

— Buffalo Bills (@buffalobills) September 13, 2016

We’ve embedded all of the teams’ uniforms for you in the gallery below, but here’s what all of the jerseys would look like if they were put on the field at once.


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