Japanese People Are Having So Little Sex That They May Actually Go Extinct

So, apparently Japan’s ‘sex crisis’ has been an issue for longer than I’ve been alive. Who knew? Researchers are claiming this is an actual issue, and at their current rate, Japan will go extinct on August 16, 3766. But what the hell is actually going on?

According to Metro, researchers at the country’s Tohoku University have put together a doomsday clock that counts down to the extinction of their population. According to their calculations, which were based on Japan’s falling fertility rates and aging population, the country will dwindle to just one person in just 1,750 years.

But how the hell is this all possible? As it turns out, apparently our Japanese bros are all work and no play:

Men in the country work upwards of around 80 hours a week, meaning they often lack the time or energy for sex. Women on the other hand feel like they have to choose between their careers or starting families – with many choosing work.

Now, while all of this is frankly bullsh*t college research, it is interesting to see that of they were to continue their current pace, that their lack of sex could actually wipe out a nation.

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