WATCH: TXST Pool Party Fight Features Guy Getting Obliterated Real Quick


Texas State Pool Fight Video

This past weekend, just a of couple days into school, there was already an off-campus pool party brawl at Texas State University. The brawl happened at Trapstone, a free party at the Village at Telluride houses. We’re not sure exactly how things started jumping off, but it’s pretty clear that the guy who threw the first punch actually lost the fight.

That spear is absolutely brutal. And then he takes a couple of punches. But first, the guy with long hair who seems to be directly involved in the fight takes one punch in the head, then falls into the pool like a doll, laying there with his head underwater.

My favorite guy in the fight, though? The dude with the long hair and white hat. He’s the best one to watch. First, he gets pushed out of the way by his own friend. Then he comes back into the fight, takes one punch, then runs away like a little girl. One punch, run. One punch, run. Then flex for the crowd. Always a winning combination.

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Director of Sales and Marketing
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