You Want To Watch Olivia Munn, Aly Raisman, And Simone Biles Dance Around In Unitards, Right? Of Course

Because of course, you do. Why wouldn’t you?

I’ll tell you what: I am super late to the Olivia Mun party. I literally cannot tell you what my thought process was, but I always just thought she was super ‘meh.’ Maybe it’s because I was used to seeing her all buttoned up on The Newsroom, but something about her look wasn’t clicking with me.

Well, I was wrong. Really, really f*cking wrong. I don’t think I have ever, or will ever, be more wrong about something than I was about Olivia Munn’s attractiveness. Olivia Munn is now firmly in my coveted top 10 list. I also hear she’s an absolute freak, but that’s neither here nor there.

And since you’re here …

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