The Bad News? It’s Monday. The Good News? These Miss COED 2017 Contestants Will Get You Through It

We’ve scoured the nation to find the smartest, coolest, all-around most awesome college girls in the country, and we’re bringing them straight to you. In fact, we’re publishing three girls a day every day until we run out… which is a lot of days, TBH. You can thank me later.

From Oklahoma to Ohio and Civil Engineering to Fashion, it’s pretty safe to say that their interests are vastly different. Yet each girl is repping her school with pride and hoping to take home the coveted title of Miss COED 2017.

Without further ado, meet the next group of contestants. Who are you voting for?!

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Bailee Keele, Oklahoma State University

Bailee Keele

“I’m from the small town of Davis, OK. It’s hard to say what I like the best… We have the prettiest town I’ve ever seen, die hard football, dang good BBQ, and the best, most kind-hearted people you can find. Overall, I’d have to say [my favorite parts of my town are] the traditions Davis holds and how the town is so joined together as a community.”

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Olyvia Hogie, Kent State University

Olyvia Hogie

“I love being a role model to girls of all ages. I know I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without the women I idolized and look up to now. Being Miss COED 2017 means making great life decisions in order to better oneself and others, as well as being confident, strong, and overall savvy. I consider myself able to inspire others to believe in themselves and be a great fit for Miss COED 2017!”

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Priya Brantley, Middle Tennessee State University

Priya Brantley

“I major in Civil Engineering. I hope to change the face of building development and become a beacon for girls everywhere that you can be successful in a male-dominated industry.”

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