The DNC Is Going To Hold Emergency Meetings To Talk About Hillary’s Health


DNC Emergency Meeting

Following Hillary Clinton‘s early exit and subsequent collapse at the September 11th Memorial in New York City, there are rumors and reports that the Democratic National Committee will hold an emergency meeting to determine how to move forward with their Democratic Candidate.

What Happened?

Hillary Clinton, after weeks of rumors and reports that she was in bad health, was recorded by civilians getting into her van. In the video, you can clearly see that she’s not only weak but stumbling and nearly collapsing but for the help of her security guards. At first, her doctors were calling it heat exhaustion.

But now, finally, she’s come clean that she has pneumonia–a pretty serious illness for a woman of her age. Apparently, that little cough of hers had gotten worse.

So after Hillary Clinton was carried into her bullet-proof Sprinter van, she was whisked away to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, where she emerged hours later looking like a new woman. Seriously. She looked so good that some InfoWars freaks started to believe that she had a body double.

Is Bernie Sanders Next Up?

As far as political experts can tell, this is unprecedented territory for the Democratic party. If Hillary’s health becomes too much of a problem for voters (which Trump supporters will hope it does), should the DNC move forward with Bernie Sanders? Apparently, it’s her call, regardless of what her advisers tell her.

Trump’s Response

Of course, something like this is exactly what Donald Trump needed. His supporters have been saying for weeks that she looked unhealthy, and while these calls seemed like feeble attempts at grasping at straws, now it seems that they were on point.

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