Solar Bear 2016: Southern Illinois University's Annual Back-To-School Rager

Southern Illinois University knows that you can’t ease your way back into the college party atmosphere. Save your half-assed efforts for the classroom. When it comes to boozing your face off, you’ve got to come off the blocks like Usain Bolt and announce your presence with authority. Leave your training wheels and sound decision-making skills at home and attack the upcoming school year like a bat out of hell.

SIU takes this ideology to heart, as their annual Solar Bear party looks like an absolute blast. The holy trinity of beers, babes, and bikinis were represented in full force this year, and I can practically smell the debauchery through my computer screen. Check out some gorgeous young ladies, touching Harambe tributes, and a daredevil jumping off a roof in the photos and videos below.
And as always, be sure to hit up Soberly Intoxicated to keep up with all the latest happenings at SIU.

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