Teyana Taylor: Hottest Photos of Kayne West's 'Fade' Music Video Girl

Teyana Taylor is the star of the new Kanye West music video for the song “Fade,” which was one of the less-popular tracks on Ye’s The Life of Pablo. Now, however, after the release of this new music video, we’re guessing “Fade” is going to get a lot more play–simply because Taylor looks so d*mn good.

The premise seems pretty simple at first: Taylor is dancing like she’s in a much sexier version of Flashdance. But then she starts turning into an animal? And then her real-life boyfriend Iman Shumpert shows up with a baby and a bunch of sheep? We’d embed the video for you but it’s a Tidal exclusive so the only way to watch it is if you have an account with them.

Update: Scratch that, we found one.


Honestly, things get kind of weird with the “Fade” video, but but there’s definitely a couple moments people are going to turn into GIFs.

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