WATCH: This Canadian Who Dressed Up As A Hockey Goalie To Steal Beer Is Classic Canada, Eh?

Hockey goalie steals beer

RCMP Manitoba

So yeah, the title pretty much says it all. Classic Canadian move, ay?

Take a look at the security cam footage from the convenience store that shows this wannabe Patrick Roy and his compadre stealing three cases of Budweiser.

Canadian police were unable to identify the perpetrators, but the police report indicates that they have their best detectives investigating.

“He may have been a defenseman or forward in disguise as he was wearing jersey #17 — a non-traditional number for goalies,” it said (via the CBC).

That the duo chose to steal a beer renamed “America” shows that these two- like all Canadians- deep down wish they were from the home of the land of the free & home of the brave instead of America Junior.


(h/t Washington Post)



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