Usain Bolt Goes Back To His London Hotel Room With At Least SIX Women, And His Girlfriend Tweets #SelfControl


Usain Bolt takes home 6 women


Whether on the track or out at the clubs, it doesn’t take Usain Bolt long to get his baton past the finish line.

Fresh off three gold medals in Rio to add to his collection, the fastest man in world history has been enjoying his victory lap with the company of bountiful beautiful women. Partying in London, at least six women made a Brexit from the nightclubs to Bolt’s hotel room at 5 a.m. this morning.

While no one can blame Bolt for basking in the afterglow of his Olympic greatness, the awkward reality is that Bolt has a girlfriend. Look ordinarily cheating shouldn’t be condoned, but Bolt’s relationship with his girlfriend is none of out business. The guy¬†is on top of the world right now, and his¬†girlfriend can only hope that this reign of terror will get freaking off out of his system.

Here’s video footage of Bolt partying.



Just kidding. Here it is for real.



Kasi Bennett- Bolt’s girlfriend of three years- was home in Jamaica and could do nothing but tweet as pictures surfaced from her boyfriend’s escapades.



— Miss B (@kasi__b) August 27, 2016



— Miss B (@kasi__b) August 27, 2016


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