Does Tony Romo’s Latest Injury Spell The End For The 36-Year-Old QB?

Romo hurt


Tony Romo has suffered another serious injury, and the brittle 36-year-old quarterback may be out 6-10 weeks, according to ESPN’s sources. Romo fractured a vertebrae after taking a hit on the third play of his Dallas Cowboys’ preseason matchup with the Seattle Seahawks.

Tony Romo appeared to hurt his back. Great block by Zeke, but certainly not what the Cowboys want to see

— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) August 26, 2016

Troy Aikman retired because of recurrent back problems, not concussions, at 34. Tony Romo has multiple back surgeries, injuries and is 36

— Ed Werder (@EdwerderRFA) August 27, 2016

Romo’s latest injury won’t require surgery, and Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett wouldn’t acknowledge a timetable for the return, saying it’s possible he’ll play week one against the Giants. That seems like a case of wishful thinking though.

Unfortunately I have a friend who is a Cowboys fan, and he has been raving about fourth-round QB Dak Prescott. But asking the Mississippi State product to fill Romo’s shoes in week 1 against Big Blue is a tall order that I hope he isn’t up for.

As a Giants fan, I take great pleasure in Tony Romo’s propensity for failure. But even I hate to see Romo suffer another injury after missing 12 games last season.

While I like to poke fun at the Dallas quarterback with his propensity for losing big games, the truth is Romo does seem like a pretty decent guy so I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end. Romo has personified Cowboy mediocrity for over a decade now and I hope to see him back sooner rather later.

But if Romo’s heading toward the end and Prescott doesn’t pan out, Texas native Johnny Manziel is still a free agent. Just saying, Jerry Jones.

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