US Rowing Women’s Eight – Olympic Gold Medalists At Empire State Building

Team USA dominated the Rio Olympics recently and today we had the opportunity to meet the US Rowing Women’s Eight Olympic gold medalists who were at the top of the Empire State Building to celebrate their victory. The rowing event, in this case the 8, consists of eight rowers and one coxswain (the person who verbally and physically controls the boats steering, speed, timing and fluidity). The exploits of the crew in Rio have earned them their third consecutive Olympic gold medal and eleventh consecutive world title – they haven’t lost an international competition since 2006. This level of success is rarely matched in the world of professional sports (no other American team has achieved this).

While only six of the crew were able to make it, we salute them all in their achievements and wish them luck for their twelfth consecutive victory and fourth Olympic gold in Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics. The team from left to right is: Emily Regan, Kerry Simmonds, Amanda Polk, Meghan Musnicki, Amanda Elmore and Katelin Snyder.

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