Get Ready For The Weekend With Miss COED 2017 Contestants From UNLV, NYU, & More!

Miss COED Contestant Reveal UNLV

We’ve scoured the nation to find the smartest, coolest, all-around most awesome college girls in the country, and we’re bringing them straight to you. In fact, we’re publishing five girls a day every day until we run out… which is a lot of days, TBH. You can thank me later.

From New York to Nevada and Aerospace Engineering to Sports Management, it’s pretty safe to say that their interests are vastly different. Yet each girl is repping her school with pride and hoping to take home the coveted title of Miss COED 2017.

Without further ado, meet the next group of contestants. Who are you voting for?!

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Carly Tennes, New York University

Carly Tennes

“If I had 24 hours left to live, I would throw a giant party and invite all of my family and friends, enjoying the time that I have left with them. I would also probably squeeze in a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which over the past two years has become my happy place. Nothing relaxes me more than turning off my phone and wandering through the galleries.”

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Sydney Wilson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Sydney Wilson

“I’m part of a sorority on campus called Deta Zeta. It’s an enriching and amazing sisterhood that encourages engagement with the community, gets you actively volunteering on a regular basis, and introduces you to some powerful, inspiring young women. Aside from that, I enjoy hitting the gym, and cheering on my friends in Greek life as they kick some butt in intramural games.”

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Sheridan Godfrey, University of Colorado

Sheridan Godfrey

“I major in Aerospace Engineering. Ever since I was little I’ve been in love and fascinated with outer space. In high school I excelled in math and science and my dream has always been to become an astronaut, so when it came time to choose a major Aerospace Engineering was a no brainer.”

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Susan D’Nae Brotherman, University of Texas at San Antonio

Susan Brotherman

“I really hate when people say that Education majors have it easy. They think we just play with toys and kids all day. We truly put a lot of thought, time, and effort into every minute of our day so that we can give our students nothing but the best. We believe in each of our students when others don’t and think about how we can help them 24/7.”

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Maddie Slovak, University of Toledo

Maddie Slovak

“If I could change one thing about the world, it would be to minimize all the negativity and hatred currently growing in the world. The issues with terrorist attacks, race relations, and violence are only getting worse.”

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