Marshawn Lynch Signs A Patriots Fan’s T-Shirt “Seahawks!!! Beast Mode U B***h”

Beast Mode U B***h


The Roger Goodell era has furthered the idea of the “No Fun League” that stamps out player individuality. That’s why everyone loves the mercurial Marshawn Lynch, because there’s no one else like him.

The retired former Seahawks running back was given a Patriots t-shirt to sign while meeting with fans in Australia, and Beast Mode wasn’t having none of it. He crossed off the word Patriots and wrote “Seahawks!!! Beast Mode U Bitch” on nearly the whole front of the shirt.


(Reddit/ ruckdiz)


Reddit/ MSJ2)

(Reddit/ MSJ2)


Marshawn Lynch is the man, and you better believe I’m going to take any chance I get to post the video below.


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